How to Survive an Exploding Electric Car


electric cars have always seemed like the wave of the future countless movies have made us yearn for cars that run on batteries and can be charged from the owner’s home what we weren’t prepared for is the possibility of these cars exploding like cell phones here’s how to survive an exploding electric car as of 2020 there were an estimated 6.8 million battery-powered vehicles in use around the world with more than 3 million new vehicles added that year alone tesla with more than 200 000 vehicles sold worldwide is leading the charge but most major manufacturers are developing their own electric models tesla is quick to point out that fires are still more common in gas burning vehicles than in electric ones but as your electric car goes up in flames that may be of little comfort [Music] should you pour water on it [Music] are you safe when the fire is out why can it be more dangerous to be a passenger [Music] tesla claims that there have been roughly one tesla vehicle fire for every 330 million kilometers traveled compared to one fire every 30.5 million kilometers traveled in gas-powered vehicles europe is the biggest market for electric vehicles with norway reporting 7 of every 10 cars sold in that nation are running on batteries instead of fossil fuels electric vehicles are anticipated to make up about one percent of all u.s vehicle sales by 2040 or an average of 2.5 million all-electric or hybrid cars sold every year for the next 20 years as these numbers continue to increase so does the possibility of you finding yourself in this dire predicament here’s what you need to do step one get out as with many survival scenarios leaving quickly is always a plus but never more so than when a car is on fire get out of the car as quickly as possible and put some distance between you and the flames if your car has doors with retractable handles not working properly grab whatever you can to break out the windows or sunroof and if you are a passenger you are probably at the highest risk since the exploding battery case is very likely underneath your seat when help arrives firefighters will need to find the core of the fire and keep dousing it with water according to a guide released for first responders an electric car fire can take 24 hours to extinguish and almost 800 liters of water step 2 stay cool [Music] once the fire has been put out do not try to re-enter the vehicle some cars have been reported to have reignited several times over a few hours due to lingering hot spots so it may not be a good idea to go back and look for the ring you dropped as you ran for your life step 3 keep your guard up it’s important to remember that a battery explosion can be a threat to you even if you’re not in the car just ask the california couple who were sound asleep when their tesla model s alerted them that its charge cycle was interrupted less than 15 minutes later they received another notification this time a loud alarm letting them know their vehicle was damaged it also alerted them that their house was on fire the couple who had two electric cars were able to get out safely but the original fire quickly spread to the other this incident prompted warnings about not charging cars and garages overnight when they’re left unattended step 4 watch for water if an unlucky crash into a power line is the cause of your battery’s explosion or you happen to be near a fallen line when a fire starts take extra precaution since the car is still electrified throw some rainy weather into the mix could make the entire situation a major hazard not just for you but everyone around you if you find an electric current heading towards you don’t worry we’ll tell you what to do to avoid that jolt right here on how to survive [Music] [Music] you

How to Survive an Exploding Electric Car

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