Luxury Cars: Top 6 Classy American Luxury Cars in 2022


six classiest american luxury cars luxury cars tend to be associated with foreign brands but these six american-built vehicles are as classy as any ferrari when it comes to luxury kinds not many of the detroit three or other american brands quite make the mark luxury car market is inundated with japanese korean and european brands think genesis lexus bmw infinity aldi mercedes-benz akura and many more hardly any of the top six best-selling luxury cars at home are from home though they’re manufactured within domestic shores number one lincoln mkz 2017 seemed to be a golden year for both matthew mcconaughey and the lincoln mkz not just because they came together for a tvc the mkz has become one of the most popular luxury cars in america more so because of its domestic production the styling is timeless and classy the ride is quite yet powerful and there is a seamless blend of technology with old world race maybe it’s time to stop looking for a german logo on the grill and switch to homemade wheels that offer the same comfort and quality and often at lesser the price number two trizzler 300 this isn’t a car for those who want to remain unnoticed the chrysler 300 is big brash and as bullish as possible while the exterior is imposing enough to nudge many other cars off the road the interiors use a surface of leather wood and legroom to keep even a rock-sized man to keep even a rock-sized man and sconced in comfort the ride is smooth with engines that jet out 292 to 363 horsepower depending on the trim there have been some complaints about poor handling but if this is a car you just plan to be shuffered around in with a uniform driver it may prove to be worth its price number three lincoln continental once upon a time a lincoln continental was synonymous with success slowly though the continental became old school and was retired before being recently rewind the continental became old school and was retired before being recently revived the reserved dream has a 3 liter ecoboost v6 which makes 400 horsepower and this is the trim you want the lower trims feel sluggish at 305 horsepower and the continental is still trying to brush away its retirement cobwebs the interiors are of course slick and blush though the trunk space is cramped while this may not be an od or bmw it is still the all-americans lincoln and as luxurious as ever with those suicide doors number four cadillac escalade the escalade is one car you might just see in almost every celebrity’s garage because it provides luxury without sacrificing anonymity the 6.2 litre v8 can leave behind the paparazzi of rasmir mortal’s normal road traffic the interiors are of high quality and can save you wanting for nothing the 420 horsepower motor is powerful but the car can feel a bit sluggish due to the escalades behemoth size however this is a vehicle you get for its gorgeous interiors and imposing size not to go barreling down the highway number five deep ground cherokee summit once upon a time heaps were for off-roaders who had to tough it out away from the beaten path no longer though as today the jeep is as synonymous with luxury as it is with all trade worthiness with the higher trims deep married luxury with performance the grand shiroki summit is the highest you can get with flushness the kind that make you forget that you are driving a jeep with a 50 000 price tag it is more affordable than many of the cars on the list especially when you consider its four wheel drive capabilities number six cadillac ats v yes the caddy cts is an amazing car but even the atsv is equally amazing falling a little short of the cts in the power department by having a v6 instead of a v8 the turbocharged 3.6 liter v6 manages 460 horsepower so where’s the catch the atsv is small with the saturn version no longer available regardless it is still one of the coolest small sized luxury cars on the block sometimes size doesn’t matter that said the seats are a little cramped and the infotainment system takes a little time to navigate but the atsv is still one of the precious rides you may ever take

Luxury Cars: Top 6 Classy American Luxury Cars in 2022

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