All-Electric F-150 Prototype: Tows 1M+ Pounds | F-150 | Ford


(dramatic music) – What’s happening, guys? – What’s happening? – How you doing, eh? – Jeff – Brian, how are you? – How you doing, man?

(laughter) – What do you guys think we’re doing here? – I have no idea. – Let’s get this party started. – I’m a proud owner of an F-150. I can’t see myself ever being in any other vehicle.

– It has so much torque, you just feel like you know you’re not pulling anything. – You might just say, “That’s a dirty old truck,” but if you know what you’re looking at you know it’s a piece of art. – Life has been good with this truck. – I mean I can take my wife out to dinner in this truck and then the next day I’m out on a job site taking it into some rough terrain.

– If there’s something cool involving a Ford truck, I kinda gotta see that.

– One of the best trucks for the last forty-something years. You can’t beat that record with a stick. – It’s ready to go. – What’s gonna happen here? (dramatic music) – Good morning, guys!

– Hey how are you? – Morning. – So as you can see, we’re here at the rail yards. What do you think we’re gonna do today? – I have no idea.

– It’s a mystery. (laughing) – So we have a very special version of the F-150, and as you can see behind me, we’ve got 42 trucks representing 42 years of America’s best-selling truck. – Wow. – Also, they line up to over 1,000 feet in terms of distance.

So we’re gonna be taking this prototype and we’re gonna be towing 10 double-decker freight cars weighing over one million pounds.

– All ten? – For one thousand feet. (laughter) You guys think we can do this? – You seem confident, but I’ll be shocked. – No other truck has ever done it, but we are gonna do this.

– Wow. – Gotta see this. (electric guitar music) – I’ve got one major thing that I still haven’t told you yet. You guys ready? (ripping the label off) – Woo-hoo.

– Wow. – Oh. – Come on. – No, no. – What?

– No way. – So this F-150 prototype is all electric. (rock music) (drum and cymbal beats) – [Dispatcher] Ignition on zero vehicle. (drum and cymbal beats) – Ready. (dramatic music) (metallic clanging) – Are you kidding me?

– What? – Dude, it’s moving the train. – It’s moving the train. – It’s going. – It’s moving.

All-Electric F-150 Prototype: Tows 1M+ Pounds | F-150 | Ford

– Yup, it’s… – It’s moving, yes. – You’ve got to be kidding me.

– Come on.

– That is impressive. (laughter) – She is doing it so easy. – I can feel the weight of the train behind us. – Okay listen to the motor.

(dramatic drum beats) – What motor? – Everything and we are like 4.5 miles per hour. – [Linda] Great. – [Man] Just quietly pulling over a million pounds.

(laughter) – We’re almost at the finish line, I can see it. (dramatic music) – [Man] Amazing. (wheels rumbling) – Awesome. Okay, you can back off. (laughter) (applause) – High five!

– Told you we got this. – Wow. – So if you guys thought that was impressive, let’s load the 42 trucks in and let’s do it again. – No way. – Ooh.

– That’ll take us way over one million pounds. – Do it. – All right. – Excellent. – Let’s get ‘er done.

(beeping) (rock music) – Here goes, guys. Come on, baby. Come on now, is it gonna work? – It’s doing it.

– We’re going.

– [Man] It’s doing it. (laughter) I can definitely feel the weight more with the 42 trucks in. – That is unbelievable. – F-150 Built Ford Tough. – So now we’re at 1.

25 million pounds. – Yes. (rock music) – [Linda] Built Ford Tough is all about durability, capability, and productivity, and this all-electric F-150 extends Built Ford Tough to a whole new arena. (applause) – That’s awesome. – Yes.

– We did it! (rock music) – [Linda] This prototype will help us deliver the all-electric F-150 in the coming years. It was awesome! It felt like being a superhero. Once we got some speed behind us we could feel the torque being applied and it was a lot of fun.

– Do you think I’m Built Ford Tough? – I think you are Built Ford Tough. – (laughs) I appreciate that. (rock music).

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